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Making links to readings throughout Moodle content and Course Readings

Short video about Course Readings which shows how to place links to readings at student point of need once you have the master list/widget available.

From  Helen Heawood on 22/7/2021 11 plays

Adding Course Readings tool to Moodle

Short video showing how to add the Course Readings tool to a Moodle course, which can make Copyright compliant readings available to students for their course.

From  Helen Heawood on 26/2/2021 40 plays

Rolling over an existing list

Video demonstration showing existing Course Readings list rolled over to a new teaching shell.

From  Helen Heawood on 26/2/2021 26 plays

How to create new lists in Course Readings

Video shows once you have the tool/widget in your Moodle course, how to create a new list.

From  Helen Heawood on 24/2/2021 31 plays

Intro to Course Readings

From  Helen Heawood on 3/12/2020 47 plays