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Performing Arts Audition Masterclass

Federation University Arts Academy is offering a free online workshop so you can feel confident and well-prepared when you record your audition video. This one-hour workshop will guide you through…

From  Aroha Taunoa on 21/10/2020 3 plays

Lager to ale, porter to stout - hone your craft

Designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the scientific principles and practice of malting and brewing, this program is suitable for both small and larger scale brewers.

From  Aroha Taunoa on 9/10/2020 5 plays

Strive for optimum performance with a Master of Strength and Conditioning

Gain the knowledge, skills and practical experience to work as a strength and conditioning coach in a high-performance setting. Hear about why our curriculum is so unqiue compared to other programs…

From  Aroha Taunoa on 7/10/2020 6 plays

Webinar: Study for a career in mining

Mining Engineers are responsible for planning the safest and most cost effective way of removing minerals from the ground, rivers or the sea bed, and are responsible for protecting conditions for…

From  Aroha Taunoa on 20/9/2020 3 plays

Domestic Webinar: Bachelor of Geoscience

With our Bachelor of Geoscience degree, you'll learn all about the geology of our planet - the structure, physical history, composition, and dynamic systems.  This course is ideal for those who…

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Domestic Webinar: Bachelor of Biotechnology

Our Bachelor of Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary lab-based program where students develop analytical and evaluative skills. Hear from a current student about the strong emphasis on hands-on…

From  Aroha Taunoa on 25/8/2020 1 plays

Domestic Webinar - Food and Nutritional Science

Food and nutritional scientists are in high demand in the food industry to manage operations, develop new and better products and processes. There is also a focus on the importance of nutrition to…

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Domestic Webinar: Applying to Federation University

Find out about the application process to study at Federation University. We'll walk you through the steps to make an application and give you the opportunity to ask questions. We're #1 for…

From  Aroha Taunoa on 19/8/2020 4 plays

Domestic webinar: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Webinar

Join a fast-growing global industry with a qualification in electrical or mechanical engineering. Explore the options available for an undergraduate degree, postgraduate study or a semester 2…

From  Aroha Taunoa on 27/7/2020 4 plays

Your pathway to becoming a Health and Safety specialist

Advance your skills and knowledge in workplace health and safety, using evidence based practice, at an advanced level. Join us to find which graduate study option is right for you.

From  Aroha Taunoa on 14/7/2020 6 plays