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Cause the Effect Tim Diamond FedUni Graduate

Inspirational Alumni take centre stage for the University’s new advertising campaign, Cause the Effect.

From  Lee Snibson on 6/7/2018 199 plays

Domestic - Webinar Campus spotlight Engineering at Gippsland campus

Join a fast-growing global industry with a degree in engineering at our Gippsland campus. Discover programs available (undergraduate and graduate) and explore why studying in Gippsland is an ideal…

From  Irasha White on 2/7/2020 14 plays

Domestic webinar - Become a Registered Nurse

Join us to learn how studying a Bachelor of Nursing is delivered through reasoning and evidence-base care to help you improve your patients’ outcomes. Hear from a current student about what its…

From  Irasha White on 23/6/2020 111 plays

Domestic Webinar - Secure your world in the future of IT

IT is an integral element of our lives, it continues to evolve and constantly impacts society. Find out how our comprehensive Bachelor of Information Technology can prepare your for an exciting…

From  Irasha White on 30/6/2020 22 plays

Domestic Webinar Study Psychology

When studying psychology at Federation University, you are a name, not a number. Learn about our course work and range of psychology programs. Hear from our passionate psychology experts, and…

From  Irasha White on 21/7/2020 48 plays

Domestic Webinar- Graduate Degree in IT

With continuous advances in information technology, the opportunities to progress in areas such as health, transport, finance, entertainment, science, energy, education and manufacturing are…

From  Irasha White on 5/11/2020 17 plays

Domestic Webinar: Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Bio-medicine is an exciting area that plays a major role in helping people lead healthier lives. In Federation’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science, students learn about the human body and the…

From  Kara Whitwam on 29/7/2020 31 plays

Domestic Webinar: Bachelor of Geoscience

With our Bachelor of Geoscience degree, you'll learn all about the geology of our planet - the structure, physical history, composition, and dynamic systems.  This course is ideal for those who…

From  Aroha Taunoa on 27/8/2020 2 plays

Domestic Webinar: Early Childhood Education - careers, scholarships and more

Our new Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) commences in 2021 and is a great way to start your rewarding career in education. Or, if you're already working in the industry, you can…

From  Kara Whitwam on 24/10/2020 28 plays

Domestic- Mid-Year Study Options- Your Fed Future Webinar series - Webinar 9

Why wait until 2021 to study when you can start now. Discover which disciplines and courses offer mid-year entry, what scholarships are available and receive tips and advice on application…

From  Trina Royle on 27/5/2020 26 plays