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Hootsuite: Reconnecting Facebook Groups

Did you have a Facebook Group linked to your Hootsuite account, but you've lost it? This is a very quick guide on how to reconnect.

From  Averill Deans on 2/8/2018 3 plays

Social Media Training - Developing a strategy

Before you embark on social media, you need to develop a solid strategy.Please ensure you have watched this video, and read and understood the Policy and Procedure prior to implementing your strategy.

From  Averill Deans on 5/1/2018 17 plays

Social Media | Hootsuite - Assigning content to others

Managing your Hootsuite Outlook email account, assigned messages and rejected content.

From  Averill Deans on 5/1/2018 29 plays

Social Media | Hootsuite - Posting to multiple channels

If you have a message that you would like posted to multiple social channels then you need to curate the messages individually whenever possible. Watch this video for some tips to make this process…

From  Averill Deans on 5/1/2018 18 plays

Social Media Training: General Information for all staff

This Video will provide Staff with a general overview on how to get started on social media at FedUni. The video outlines where to get information, how to get content published on our key social…

From  Averill Deans on 17/10/2017 65 plays

A New Name in Education- Gippsland

From  Averill Deans on 1/8/2017 10 plays