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Webinar: Help save lives - Explore a career as a paramedic

Hear from a current paramedic student and a recent graduate on their insights into paramedicine – the challenges, the highlights and their future ambitions.

From  Jarred Lee on 8/7/2020 4 plays

Do you want to be a teacher? - Webinar 14

Join us to become part of the next generation of teachers. Discover the scope of programs available (undergraduate and graduate), and hear from a student about their experience at Fed.

From  Jarred Lee on 12/6/2020 13 plays

Study Science - Webinar 12

Transform the world with a Bachelor of Science and choose from majors including biochemistry, behavioural science, food science and mineral processing.

From  Jarred Lee on 12/6/2020 9 plays

Domestic Community and Human Services - Webinar 11

We have a range of programs in community and human services, human services & entrepreneurship and social work. Hear about how you can influence change in communities and lives, and discover the…

From  Jarred Lee on 12/6/2020 4 plays

Domestic Communication Design Webinar 7

Suitable for students studying Visual Communication Design, Media Arts, Studio Art or aspiring graphic designers looking to apply to the Federation University Arts Academy. Receive valuable advice on…

From  Jarred Lee on 12/6/2020 4 plays

Bachelor of Arts - Webinar 8

Studying a Bachelor of Arts opens up a range of career opportunities. Students develop valuable transferable skills that are highly sought-after in industries such as tourism, communications,…

From  Jarred Lee on 10/6/2020 15 plays

Scholarships, Bursaries & Grants - Your Fed Future webinar series - webinar 3

Webinar 3 recording from May 14 2020. Webinar 3 of the Your Fed Future Webinar Series. This webinar covered Scholarships, Bursaries & Grants.

From  Jarred Lee on 15/5/2020 23 plays