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151 Golden Years Celebration - SMB - Educating a Workforce for the World

Federation University celebrates 151 years of continuous learning, teaching and research in Geosciences with a series of public presentations exploring historical, archaeological, economic and social…

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Discover where an Arts Degree can take you

Prepare to take a leading role in the workplace and society. Our Bachelor of Arts is designed for students who want to develop a critical perspective and gain transferable skills that are in high…

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The Curious Seminar Series - Ned Kelly

The third and final panel discussion in 'The Curious', hosted by the School of Arts, Federation University. Take a closer look at Ned Kelly with the help of academics, Dr. Anne…

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Oral history of Jeeralang - William Medew, 1983, Part Two

Interview with Billy Medew, aged 90 years on the history of Jeeralang, Victoria. Interviewed 4th October 1983. Interviewed by Sybil Fowler.

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FedUni Collaborative Research Centre in Australian History

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