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Discover where an Arts Degree can take you

Prepare to take a leading role in the workplace and society. Our Bachelor of Arts is designed for students who want to develop a critical perspective and gain transferable skills that are in high…

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Social Media Training - Developing a strategy

Before you embark on social media, you need to develop a solid strategy.Please ensure you have watched this video, and read and understood the Policy and Procedure prior to implementing your strategy.

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Social Media | Hootsuite - Posting to multiple channels

If you have a message that you would like posted to multiple social channels then you need to curate the messages individually whenever possible. Watch this video for some tips to make this process…

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Social Media Training: General Information for all staff

This Video will provide Staff with a general overview on how to get started on social media at FedUni. The video outlines where to get information, how to get content published on our key social…

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Understand the power of content and social media

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Social Media Training - The basics

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Using Social Media at FedUni

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Tips & Tricks for Better Videos - Chapter 4 - Post-Production

In this video we discuss how to wrap up your video with some simple post production tips.

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Tips & Tricks for Better Videos - Chapter 3 - Recording Audio

In this video we cover how to get the best quality audio. Which mics to use, that aren't too expensive, how to leverage music and more.

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Tips & Tricks for Better Videos - Chapter 2 - Recording Video

In this video we focus on how to create a great quality video without needing a professional team and studio. How to set-up, select your background, tips for lighting and more.

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