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An evening with Dr. Beer - virtual Info Session-2 Jun 2022

The Certificate III in Food Processing FBP30121(Brewing) is an exciting new course that will enhance your skills at creating the perfect beer. This course covers the science and practical aspects of…

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Study a Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology Webinar

A recorded webinar from the information session on Tuesday 26th October for the Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology.

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Breakfast with Fed 'Food Sustainability for the Future' (29/09/2021)

Our Breakfast with Fed talk on Wednesday 29 September, ‘Food Sustainability for the Future’, saw the launch of Federation University’s new Bachelor of Sustainable Food Systems and…

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FOODOLOgY The micro-zoo in you

Kelsey Weight Dietician and Nutrition Lecturer, FedUniWe increasingly understand the importance of having a large and diverse suite of microbes living in our digestive system - our gut flora…

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FOODOLOgY The Art and Psychology of Food Presentation

Dr George Van Doorn Psychology Lecturer, FedUni It all started with an argument over a cup of coffee ….. Was she right? Could it really be that coffee tastes stronger from a white cup?…

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FOODOLOgY Why you should eat Insects

Dr Lara Wakeling Food Chemistry Lecturer, FedUniFor a variety of health and ethical reasons there is growing interest in what we eat - gluten free, meat free, dairy free and even flexitarian diets…

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FOODOLOgY Microbes make miso happy

Joanne Allwood Food Microbiology PhD Candidate, FedUniJust what is Miso and why has this ancient Japanese seasoning become so popular in recent times? Learn about Miso’s unique…

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FOODOLOgY Food Safety in the Home

Sharon Cini Food Technology Teacher, FedTAFEIs it safe to eat? When should I throw the leftovers away? Whether it’s off the supermarket shelf or from the back of the fridge bacterial, fungal…

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FOODOLOgY Food Allergies and Intolerance

Donna Leslie Food Technology Teacher, FedTAFENuts, gluten, FODMAP, shellfish, onions…. It’s common knowledge that not everyone can eat these foods. In recent years massive change has…

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'What's Your Food or Fibre Challenge, Gippsland?' Promo

Federation University Australia and Food & Fibre Gippsland are key partners in ‘What’s Your Food or Fibre Challenge, Gippsland?’. This program aims to turn challenges in the…

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